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Valentine's Collection

This has been a whirlwind week for me! I'm happy to announce I reached my goal of having the Valentine's collection ready by January 23rd. I knew I needed to set a deadline for myself, or I would just continue to make pieces. I'm so thoroughly in love with the pink and red beads that I'm working with that I keep coming up with ideas. I had to make myself stop because I wanted to have the collection finished in time for you to shop and have your jewelry by or before February 14th!

As soon as the collection dropped you guys started shopping and I'm so thankful and grateful that you love the pieces as much as I do. You loved it so much that several items completely sold out the first couple of days...I felt a little like Taylor Swift, Lol...

I want to let you know that while some pieces are out of stock, I believe I can get the materials needed to make more of the jewelry. My local jewelry supplier (I always shop locally) is at the Gem Show in Tuscon Arizona (a show I want to go to one day) and will be back in Dallas on February 7th. Once she is back, I can get more supplies and will be restocking. So, if you see something marked "out of stock" reach out to me and let me know you want one once it's back in stock.

Although some pieces are gone there's still plenty of beautiful jewelry to buy. Check the collection often for new pieces and to see if I have restocked what's sold out.



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