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Tips for Packing Jewelry for Vacation

Whether it's an extended trip or a quick weekend getaway you want to pack the right accessories to compliment your outfits.

To avoid taking a bunch of jewelry that you won’t wear, it helps to coordinate the pieces with the clothing that you’ll be wearing. Pick the outfits and then choose the pieces that complement those clothes.

If you can, limit your jewelry to 3-4 pieces in colors that will match several outfits. A few stacking bracelets, a couple of necklaces and a great neutral pair of earrings can be worn each day.

If you travel a lot, you should invest in a jewelry travel case. They have multiple compartments and will keep your jewelry from getting tangled and scratched.

If you are on a budget, you can create a jewelry roll with a towel and pack rings and earrings in pill boxes and small plastic bags.

The Freda's Fancy drawstring bags are also great for packing your rings and bracelets when you are on the road.

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