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Let's get ready for Valentine's and Galantines

Do you have big plans for Valentine's Day, either with your significant other or friends? I'm working to help you get ready by working on a beautiful collection of red and pink pieces using agates, crystal and mother of pearl.

The Valentine's Collection will be ready and on the website by Monday January 23rd. That will give you plenty of time to get your jewelry and then go shopping for that special V-day outfit. There are a few hearts in the collection, but not very many. I remember asking you guys last year about wearing heart shaped jewelry and it was about 70-30% against. So, a few hearts, but not too many :-)

I want to encourage all of you to embrace Valentine's Day whether you are in a relationship or not. Take this chance to love on yourself and choose to be happy. One thing I'm doing for me is attending a Galantines Business Mixer for women who own their own businesses. I look forward to meeting awesome girl bosses and sharing our stories. I hope you do something that makes you happy too.

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