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Are you wearing Barbiecore Pink?

A client contacted me a few weeks ago and said she needed some statement pieces in bubblegum pink. She sent me a picture of the most adorable pink boots, that she wanted to match, and I quickly went to work trying to find the perfect pink beads (any excuse to go to the bead store...right?!?!)

While shopping, I send her pictures of several pink beads and she picked beautiful Glass Mermaid beads and Agate.

Barbiecore is bright, bold and uber pink. One of the hottest fashion color trends this year, the vibrant shade is a serious mood-booster which is certainly what all of us have been craving since the pandemic. The style is all about looking pretty in pink. We’re seeing lots of matching pink sets, monochromatic looks and feminine silhouettes. Brands like Maison Valentino and Miu Miu have also started to incorporate the signature core trend into their fashion lines, embracing colorful prints and textures that incorporate the modern characteristics of Barbiecore,” explains Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at WeThrift.

So you can expect a lot of pink from me over the next several weeks, especially with

Valentines just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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